Alex Bourne - The Why Not Warrior

Thoughts on how to live a better life on your own terms


Have you been reading my posts but having trouble making the change? Sick of some part of your life but feeling stuck. Do you know there is more to life but can’t see how to get there? Let me help.


I offer my own brand of lifestyle coaching I like to call BreakThrough” coaching. This is designed to get you to stop thinking about what you can do to improve your life “someday” and to help you make a plan of action today. I will work with you to discover, or rediscover, your purpose, and develop with you the skills and drive to create an authentic, fulfilling and purpose driven life.



With a mix of humour and straight stalk (I will call you on your foolish excuses, that’s what I do), together you and I will break through the self imposed barriers that are holding you back, and help you to gain a self awareness of when you are getting in your own way.


Available as 1 on 1, group or online session, my goal is to help you draw your own map, find your own path to the authentic, joy filled life you deserve.

That is my purpose.

Email me at for more informationwinning.jpg

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