Alex Bourne - The Why Not Warrior

Thoughts on how to live a better life on your own terms


I’m feeling silly today so I’m going to write the About page about myself in the 3rd person. Why? It makes me giggle and you have to make yourself laugh in this life, because there is no guarantee anybody else will.

Alex Bourne is a writer, blogger, podcaster and humanist from planet earth. He has 3 miniature humans (kids),  a bearded man child as a best friend and co conspirator, and a long suffering and highly tolerant partner. Alex shares a house with said partner, their 2 cats, a housemate, the housemates dog and the ever fluctuating numbers of foster cats he insists on taking care of.

Alex writes because he’s happiest when he does. He started this blog because he thinks he’s learned enough from his mistakes that he may be able to help others avoid the same trip ups.

He also did it to avoid getting a “real” job.